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Menstruation is a natural process linked to the reproductive cycle of women and girls. It is a sign of good health and growing up. It is not an illness but if it is not properly managed, it may result in health problems which can be compounded by social, cultural and religious practices.

Often times menstruation is a taboo subject not easily talked about in public either by women or men. Keeping tight lips about menstruation is a global problem, but at the same time, hygiene of menstrual cycle is a big concern for the health of a girl or an adult woman.

To manage Menstruation hygienically, it is essential that women and girls have access to safe water and sanitation. They need somewhere private to change their sanitary cloths or pads, clean water and soap for hand washing and for washing used cloths and then facilities for safe disposal of used materials or a place to dry reusable pads.

PHAAE launched her Menstrual Hygiene Management Program amongst the adolescent girls and women of the Yangoji community, in Kwali area council, where we talked about Menstruation matters, the need for proper hygiene behaviours during menstruation, the kind of materials used for pad and how often pads should be changed, how and where to dispose pads and what kinds of risk are there if menstrual hygiene is not maintained.

The program is often duplicated in schools of disadvantaged communities, Internally Displaced people’s Camps, and most often sanitary towels or our Purity Kits are distributed for girls in these schools and communities.

On May 28, PHAAE joined all her partners, WASH United, Menstrual Hygiene Day, HARP initiative to celebrate the Menstrual Hygiene Day.
PHAAE visited the Junior secondary school, Galadimawa a friendly community in Abuja, where she delivered a thorough menstrual hygiene management lecture and the program was concluded by distributing the Purity Kit for Menstrual Hygiene Management to over 125 girls in the school.
The aim of this program was to give a school girl a whole term supply of her sanitary needs.

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