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In the beginning, it was a Hygiene Promotion Program, where pupils would be taught Hand washing best practices, Menstrual Hygiene Management etc. but when we arrived the first school for implementation, we discovered that there was no running water and toilets for the school.

We reached the head teachers of the other schools to enquire on the situation and we discovered that 72 had neither running water nor a toilet facility. Immediately, we began a project overhaul! By including other intervention activities to the project and changing the project title a complete School WASH Project.

We added Installation of clean water facility and safe sanitation systems for the schools before we ran the hygiene promotion project.

So we began by drilling boreholes and installing water systems and building safe and affordable toilet/sanitation systems and we crowned the project with hygiene education and promotion activities.

This program was first implemented in two primary schools LEA Takushara and LEA Kunyami and was sponsored by the United States Government.

PHAAE have sixty-nine (69) more primary schools within her work area in urgent need of Running Water and Sanitation System and only after provision of these basic facilities can we begin the hygiene promotion and education programs.

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We envisage the day when every school in our community would have the best of hygienic facilities and the best environment for pupils to learn and grow and become assets to their country.

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