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Live Webinar on "Open Defecation"

Open defecation is linked to high child mortality, maternal mortality, poor nutrition, and poverty with a lot of other implications.
Please register (link is below) and plan to attend.

Cholera Prevention Strategies Webinar

It was a pleasure to work with the Center for Emerging Pathogens (CEP) at USC to to bring you this webinar, and we hope it was of benefit to you.

World Water Week

Water is an impeccably pivotal resource gifted by mother nature which is essential for the basic survival of humans on this planet.

‘’ Of All Forms of Inequality, Injustice in Health is the Most Shocking and Inhuman’’

Martin Luther King (Jnr)

About us

PHAAE is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria that focuses on issues affecting women, adolescent girls and children in Africa.  Our main focus is on empowering women and girls to lead healthy meaningful lives through improvement in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

How We Hope To Achieve This…

PHAAE enlists the help of experts, staff and volunteers to deliver carefully researched and targeted public health communication programs as well as direct interventions to improve access to knowledge and resources for school children, adolescent girls, women and the entire community.


Our Vision

Our Vision is of an Africa where women and girls are empowered to lead healthy and fulfilling lives in safe, healthy and disease free conditions.

Our Strategy

Our work is initiated to strengthen Nigeria and other developing countries through well thought out educational health communication channels..


Our Work is initiated to strengthen the water, sanitation and hygiene sector in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities ..


PHAAE is outstanding when it comes to upholding her values. Some of them are accountability, transparency, learning and professionalism.

Take a Closer Look


Hand Hygiene

We launched the “When Kids Teach Kids Program” implemented in Public Elementary schools. Peer ambassadors are selected amongst school children who are trained and who in turn educate their peers and friends of different grades.This program has proved very effective in communicating good hand hygiene behaviour in school children.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstruation is a natural process linked to the reproductive cycle of women and girls. It is a sign of good health and growing up. It is not an illness but if it is not properly managed, it may result in health problems which can be compounded by social, cultural and religious practices.

Hygiene Kits

We distribute hygiene essentials to women and girls in communities and also in crisis torn areas. Our hygiene kits includes the Hand kits, Kit for the Kids or K^2, Purity Kit for girls in their menstrual period, Emergency Hygiene Kit and the Family Kit and as well as important information on basic hygiene.


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About Us

PHAAE is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria that focuses on issues affecting women, adolescent girls and children in Africa.

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