Our programs

Hand Hygiene​

We launched the “When Kids Teach Kids Program” implemented in Public Elementary schools. Peer ambassadors are selected amongst school children who are trained and who in turn educate their peers and friends of different grades.This program has proved very effective in communicating good hand hygiene behaviour in school children.

Menstrual Hygiene Management​

Menstruation is a natural process linked to the reproductive cycle of women and girls. It is a sign of good health and growing up. It is not an illness but if it is not properly managed, it may result in health problems which can be compounded by social, cultural and religious practices.

Cartoon Story

  • We used our cartoon illustration “Zaliya the Clean Genie” a story on hand hygiene best practices to reach over 1000 pupils in 3 public elementary schools in the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria…we believe that hand hygiene behaviors taught at tender ages lingers and become a way of life.

Hygiene Kits

We distribute hygiene essentials to women and girls in communities and also in crisis torn areas. Our hygiene kits includes the Hand kits, Kit for the Kids or K^2, Purity Kit for girls in their menstrual period, Emergency Hygiene Kit and the Family Kit and as well as important information on basic hygiene.

Hygiene Promotion through Schools

In PHAAE we believe that children are strong agents of change, which is one of the reasons why we launched this program amongst elementary school children in schools. Children have been known to spread hygiene behaviours amongst their peers, parents and relations at home.

When kids Teach Kids

This program is implemented in Elementary schools where peer ambassadors are selected amongst school children who are trained and they in turn educate their peers and counterparts in different grades.

Hygiene Promotion at Rural Markets

Rural Markets in Nigeria or other market places are often very dirty, unhygienic and without any reliable structure for defecation, urination and bathing. Many rural markets have privately owned community sanitation facilities which are operational on use & pay basis.

Community/School Led Total Sanitation

A lot of communities and schools in Nigeria, both urban and rural are burdened with Open defecation Practices. The health risks to this practice are enormous. And only very few villages in Nigeria have been certified open defecation free.

Plastic Exchange Project

This project aims to create an awareness to address and reduce the negative effect of plastic waste dumping in our environment which ends up local water ways and eventually in oceans and seas.

About Us

PHAAE is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria that focuses on issues affecting women, adolescent girls and children in Africa.

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